March 31, 2023

Security Causing Friction? Pass Me Some SecSee

Swipe Right on your favorite Shift-Left Security Platform. In 2023, security isn't a cheap date and CISOs deserve a high-end option

There’s no greater turn-off than a security breach. Unfortunately, security in 2023 isn’t a  cheap date. Security technology and practices today are akin to healthcare or infrastructure in all the worst ways: a toxic relationship and inflated budgets without improved efficacy. 

Three major trends are at the root of this bad romance:

  • Widespread adoption of open-source tooling → Increased security attacks
  • The trend toward CI/CD and resulting shift-left on security → Greater surface area for security breaches
  • The SaaSification of tech and proliferation of tools → More dollars spent on point solutions

CISOs are having a bad, bad time. They are:

  • Boiling the Ocean: It’s getting hot in herre! The CISO toolset identifies thousands of vulnerabilities, without the capability to triage and prioritize the most important for the team to tackle. CISOs need vulnerability scoring as personalized as
  • Gumming up the Works: There’s nothing worse than friction in the system. CI/CD is supposed to increase team velocity, but manual security code reviews, security policies, and exception workflows impede time-to-ship. CISOs need smooth, automated flexible policy activation
  • Lost in the Cracks: Security data is distributed across multiple assets, and as a result, security teams don’t have a complete picture of exposure. CISOs need the right protection with a risk-based security investment approach

Introducing secsee. 

Think of secsee as the grease to your DevSecOps. It makes for a smooth ride — eliminating friction from security processes as applications go from code repo to deployment while automating controls to halt the progression of vulnerabilities.

DevSecOps shouldn’t just sit in a dark room staring at a screen all day. If you want real-world evidence and contextual data, you better get secsee, so team members can focus on the most important and productive tasks.

For CISOs of the voyeuristic persuasion, secsee is the Peter Sellers of your tech stack, providing a detailed overview of assets and risk posture. With secsee, CISOs will be able to see and secure crown jewels from the most critical threats.

Risk, like dating,  is a numbers game: it’s a data problem requiring a management solution that prioritizes vulnerabilities with better logic than spin-the-bottle, activates contextual policies quicker than Magic Mike ripping the buttons off his shirt, and invests in maximizing ROI of asset exposure better than the Ivy-league couples in the NYTimes wedding section. 

How do the current crop of security solutions measure up? They’re static, take their customers for granted, and deny them the personalized attention and mutual care that’s found in any loving relationship. When it comes to CI/CD, they’re like a chaperone at prom: they may keep things secure, but they also make it pretty hard to get anything done. That’s just not secsee.


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